Expert Plumber Tips For Unclogging Shower And Floor Drains

Plumber Myrtle BeachAccording to many Myrtle Beach plumbers and plumbing professionals, the most common drains that get clogged in the house, aside from the sink and toilet drains, are the shower and floor drains. The primary reason for this is because they are often used more than once 0n a daily basis.

Shower drains get clogged due to fallen hair and by-products and waste from the shower products that you use. Floor drains, especially those that are found in the basement, laundry room and garage are often the receivers of the waste coming from washers, dryers, heaters, air cooling systems and other machines that you run in the basement and garage.

Experts agree that it can be difficult to clear shower and floor drains should they get clogged so it is important for homeowners to learn how to effectively prevent clogging in these drains. They should know how to identify the signs that their shower and floor drains are clogged. They should also know what to do when these drains get clogged so as to prevent the problem from getting worse while waiting for their local plumber to arrive.

Unclogging shower drains

The easiest and most convenient way to remove the clogs in your shower drain is by using a hair removal product. Considering that clogs will most likely be from fallen strands of hair, any hair removal product will work to clear the clog in your shower drain. If you do not have hair removal product at home, you do not need to go out and buy some. You should consider using baking soda and vinegar. Combine these two and pour the solution down your shower drain.

To prevent your shower drains from getting clogged, consider purchasing a higher quality shower drain cover that will more effectively prevent hair and other wastes from clogging the drain. MBHS Plumbing can assist you in choosing the best and most cost effective cover for your shower drains.

If you notice that the clogging problem frequently happens, you will need to call in your local plumbing professional as you might have a more severe problem other than the clogged drain.

Unclogging your floor drains

Clogs in your floor drains may be caused by different types of debris and waste, including wastewater from machines that you run throughout the house such as your heater, HVAC, washer and dryer. Note that the wastewater from these machines contains chemicals and other by products that can crystallize and create a clog that is difficult to clear.

Floor drains are different from other drains that you have in the house not only in the waste and water that runs through them. Floor drains are specifically set up to accommodate the waste that will flow through them. They have a feature that will allow for overflows, which commonly happens in the areas where they are located. The pipes are especially chosen to withstand pressure, wear and tear.

Considering these, it is highly recommended that you call in your Myrtle Beach plumber as soon as you notice that your floor drains are clogged. Note that the clog can be anywhere in your floor drain assembly, thus, making it difficult to locate. You will need a special type of auger to find and remove the clog.

For professional assistance in clearing your clogged shower and floor drains, call MBHS Plumbing today and speak with their plumber.

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