Plumbing 101: Using Plastic Pipes In Your Home

Plumbing Myrtle BeachThere are different types of plumbing pipes that homeowners can choose from whenever they need to undergo an upgrade or build a new home. Available in the market today are copper, bronze, iron and plastic pipes. According to industry experts, however, plastic pipes are more appropriate for residential homes.

Benefits of plastic pipes

Plastic pipes are easy to install. They do not need joints when installed in homes. This makes plastic pipes easier to install and maintain. Moreover, without joints, plastic pipes are less vulnerable to leaks. Thus, you will not have to worry about constant and repeated leak problems, which can be costly especially if not resolved immediately.

Plastic pipes are also inexpensive to install, considering the plumber needs less tools and materials for the installation. What is great about using plastic pipes is that studies reveal that they are more durable than other plumbing materials such as copper and bronze. Additionally, they are considered by many experts as the most environment-friendly material since they can be recycled and reused.

Types of plastic pipes

There are different types of plastic pipes that you can choose from for your home’s plumbing system. It helps if you learn about each type so you can more effectively choose the most suitable type of pipe for your home.

1. PVC and CPVC – These plastic pipes are the most common and popular choice among homeowners. In fact, they are also the first ones to be recommended by industry experts and professionals. PVC and CPVC are made from rigid white plastic and are available in different sizes in your local hardware stores. Keep in mind that PVC pipes are used only for cold water lines while CPVC pipes are used for hot water lines. To thread them together, plumbers can use solvent glue or heat.

2. PE pipes or PolyEthylene pipes – This specific type of plastic pipe is more often used in geothermal heating systems or sprinkler systems. Some plumbers also refer to this plastic pipe as PEX pipes. The reasons why these are more preferred in geothermal heating systems are because these pipes are highly flexible and can be easily curved using heat. To join PE pipes together, barb fittings and clamp rings are used. These pipes have a translucent and frosted appearance.

3. ABS pipes – This particular plastic pipe is specifically manufactured to be used for drainage systems. They are rigid and black and are more affordable than other plastic pipes.

When planning an upgrade of your piping system, many experts highly recommend a combination of these plastic pipes for a high level of efficiency and durability. Looking for professional plumbing assistance? Call MBHS Plumbing now.

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