10 Do’s and Don’ts for DIY Plumbers

plumbingThere are a lot of retirees in Myrtle Beach with time on their hands and tight budgets. You may be one of these and think that taking on household repairs such as plumbing problems will save time and money.

Read these plumbing project do’s and don’ts before tackling any plumbing project:

DON’T just jump right in– figuratively speaking, that is– when it involves Do-It-Yourself plumbing system setup as well as repair services. In the beginning, learn by observing an experienced plumbing contractor. When you are ready to venture out by yourself, be sure of the whole process before you start– plumbing does not work well as a “learn as you go” task. Accept that there is a discovery curve with very little room for experimentation.

DON’T use drain cleaners as a fast solution. These are made up of extreme chemicals that ruin the environment – and your plumbing pipes. Instead, to get rid of a clogged drainpipe, start by plunging. If that does not resolve the issue, utilize a plumbing technician’s snake to remove the debris in the pipeline.

DO start your solo DIY plumbing system repairs with a relatively small, out-of-the-wall solution, such as changing a kitchen or washroom faucet or installing a new showerhead.

DO see to it that you have the necessary devices available before you begin. Necessary plumbing tools consist of a plumber‘s snake, adjustable wrench, basin wrench, closet auger, hacksaw, fire-resistant cloth, monkey wrench, metal file, plunger, lp lantern, tongue-and-groove pliers, and also a tubing cutter. You should additionally have these supplies readily available: Teflon tape, a hands-free flashlight, rubber gloves, silicone sealant and a strong stepstool.

DO shut off all the water in your home prior to attempting any type of plumbing repair work. If you are overly confident you may want to shut off just the shutoff for the component you are working with, make sure you know specifically where the water main is, as well as for how long it will take you making a mad dash to it, if requirement be.

DO photograph the plumbing layout which you prepare to work on, from numerous angles, to make sure that you’re not faced with a “I do not know which piece attaches to just what!?!?” panic when you try to put everything back with each other once more. As a matter of fact, this is excellent newbie suggestions for any kind of house repair service project.

DON’T overlook your research. Look at your local building regulations needs for a bigger DIY plumbing system job (they could define specific tasks that just a specialist plumbing professional is enabled to do) and also call a one-call government agency at the very least 48 hours before you do any type of excavating. Accidentally striking energy lines during your project is serious business.

DON’T try a Myrtle Beach plumbing system fix on a Sunday or holiday. If things go wrong, you won’t have the ability to pick up the necessary parts as well as tools you may require from your neighborhood hardware and you will certainly pay through the nose for an emergency call from a certified plumbing technician (if catastrophe strikes).

DO know when to admit defeat. Hire a profession plumber for serious troubles such as drain trouble, leaks inside the wall, and also any mix of plumbing and electrical work such as mounting a washing machine or dishwasher; an amateur installment could nullify your guarantee and also more important, it’s dangerous.

DO keep your house’s plumbing system in tip-top shape to minimize repair works. Address even the smallest water leakage quickly, before it ends up being a serious issue. Do not utilize your toilet as a place to dispose of tampons, qtips or other bathroom garbage. And don’t overload your real garbage disposal with grease, fibrous leftovers or oily kitchen waste. (As a matter of fact, some of one of the most troublesome foods for your garbage disposal actually tend to make fantastic garden compost. Think celery edgings, onion skins, eggshells, and also cooked rice, as an example.).

Hiring a professional plumber can save money in the long term – call us today for a free estimate.

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