Helpful Tips To Avoid Holiday Plumbing Disasters

Myrtle Beach PlumberChristmas is just around the corner and a lot of homeowners are gearing up for the holidays by putting up their decorations and holiday displays as well as by planning dinner parties and get-togethers. While these are certainly fun times to remember, these events can also put a strain on your home’s plumbing system, especially if you will not be careful.

Emergency plumbers at MBHS Plumbing have been called a lot of times during the holidays to respond to piping disasters such as clogged drains and overflowing toilets. Keep in mind that hosting these types of parties, whether simple or lavish, means an increased number of people in the house. And when there are more people in the house, your toilets, showers, and kitchen get abused to the point of being damaged and failing you in the middle of celebrating Christmas.

Calling an emergency plumber for your plumbing emergencies

The top reason why homeowners call for emergency plumber assistance during the holidays is clogged drains. And the primary reason for this is improper waste disposal when preparing meals and dishes. In addition to this, the grease from all that food you prepared will pile up and quickly clog your drains.

Another common type of piping emergency where the assistance of professional plumbers is needed is damaged toilets and showers. Most plumbers will agree that regardless of whether the damage was big or small, the cause will point to excessive use due to the increased number of people in the house. Excessive use of the shower and the toilet, especially if it is continuously, is bound to result in damages.

Plumbing tips to keep in mind

If you are currently planning for a Christmas dinner party or holiday get-together, carefully consider these tips and determine how you can implement these during the party.

  • Properly dispose of waste fats and leftover cooking oils from pots, pans, and plates. Do not pour them down your kitchen drain as they will only pile up more quickly there and cause clogging. What you can do is to pour them in a separate container, which you will throw in the trash. If there is still grease inside your pans, consider wiping them instead of repeatedly washing and scrubbing.
  • Make sure that the food waste and scraps that you will put into your garbage disposer are easy to grind and not stringy or fibrous. These include pumpkin pulp, carrots, banana peels, celery, and poultry skin. Doing so will make it difficult for the garbage disposer to do its job. As a result, the disposer will eventually wear out. Moreover, a clog will form down the garbage disposer that can cause bigger damages to the entire kitchen if not resolved immediately.
  • Always pour cold water down your garbage disposer. Do this for a maximum of 15 minutes and at least twice a day (before and after using the garbage disposer). This will help ensure that the waste that may have accumulated in the drain will be flushed.
  • If you need to use your washer, make sure that you use it at night to help maintain consistent water pressure and supply during the day. Note that there will be increased people in the household who will be using your bathrooms and kitchens. You do not want to affect sufficient water pressure so your guests will not have difficulties in taking a bath or using the toilet.

Be sure your local plumber is reachable anytime because you do not know when these problems will occur. Call MBHS Plumbing now and inquire about their services.

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