Emergency Plumber Shares How To Avoid Common Pipe Problems

Plumber Myrtle BeachAccording to a local emergency plumber, pipe problems can be avoided with regular maintenance as well as increased skills and knowledge in plumbing. You do not need to be an expert in plumbing. You do not need to master the skills. All you need to learn about are the basic skills and knowledge. These will help you easily identify and resolve plumbing problems before they develop into more severe and more costly problems.

Below are some helpful tips from a local emergency plumber to help you properly and lore efficiently maintain your plumbing system.

1. Keep the toilet safe from toddlers

If you have toddlers in the household, you will need to teach them how to properly use the toilet. Otherwise, they will continue to misuse the toilet and, thus, eventually cause costly damages on the toilet.

Basically, you will need to teach the younger members of the household that the toilet is not a toy. Some kids will look at a toilet as a toy and try to flush different things in it. If you do not watch them carefully, you will end up with clogged toilets more often than necessary.

In addition to this, you also need to teach them how much toilet paper to use. Using too much or more than what is normal will clog toilets easily. It helps if you explain to them what will happen if they will not listen to you.

2. Avoid clogs in the kitchen

The primary cause of clogs in the kitchen are fats, grease and oil which are often wastes from food preparation. Keep in mind that the fats, grease and oil that you dispose in the kitchen sink can accumulate and clog your kitchen pipes. What makes it easy for clog build-ups to develop is the curved shape of the pipes under the sink.

You can help prevent the build up of clogs by avoiding pouring waste grease and oils down the kitchen drain. It also helps if you start using strainers in your kitchen sinks as this traps debris and particles from going down the drain and accumulating in the curved part of the pipes.

And to ensure that there are no accumulation of debris and oils in your kitchen pipes, a Myrtle Beach plumber recommends running hot water down the drain for at least five minutes. The hot water will loosen any debris and fats accumulation in the pipes. Do this several times during the day and every time you feel your drain is clogged. You can assure this if you notice that your kitchen drains are working slower than normal.

3. Use strainers in the Bathtub

Your bathtub drains can also become clogged if you do not take precautionary measures. The most common causes of clogging in the bathtub are hair and soap. You can prevent them and other debris from going down by using drains in your bathtub drain. Remember to clean the strainer every time after you use the bathtub. This will prevent hair and soap scum from building up on the strainer and preventing smooth and continuous flow of water.

You can also consider pouring boiling water down the drains at least once every month. This will take care of any debris that have slipped through the drains and have accumulated in the pipes. Be careful in using chemical solutions because these can cause damage to the pipes.

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