Emergency Plumber And Most Common Reasons To Need One

emergency plumberPlumbing emergencies come in different shapes and sizes. With that said, these emergencies also happen at different times of the day. You can’t really determine when a pipe will burst or when your water heater runs into some issues. Luckily enough, you can always phone in a local emergency plumber to come and save the day. But when do you really need to call an emergency plumber? Here are some of the most common plumbing issues that would call for the services of an emergency plumber.

Common plumbing emergencies you should know

  1. Overflowing toilets – there are several parts that could make a toilet malfunction. An overflowing toilet can be a pain due to the fact that it will spill water in your bathroom and flood it with toilet water. You don’t want that to happen. In case you run into this issue, quickly turn off the water supply leading to the toilet. The shutoff valve is often located behind the toilet. Once the valve has been turned off, check to see if the water is still overflowing from the toilet. If water continues to flow, there must be some other cause of the problem. This is the perfect time for you to call in an emergency plumber Myrtle Beach.
  1. Clogged sink drain – the kitchen sink is notorious for clogs. It’s a common issue that can come from a variety of sources. In some instances, food or other solids are dropped into the sink deliberately or by accident which results in blockage. Coffee grounds, grease, and other dense materials poured down the kitchen sink is a recipe for disaster. Be sure to contact your local plumbing contractor for repairs should this happen to you.
  1. Burst pipes – you don’t call them plumbing emergencies for no reason. Burst pipes are among the most dangerous plumbing issue any homeowner could face. It’s particularly damaging when the pipes that burst carry water with a decent amount of pressure. Your basement can easily be flooded in just minutes when this happens.
  1. Leaking pipes – although not as fast as burst pipes, leaking pipes can deal as much damage. The primary cause of leaking pipes is loose or corroded fittings. The leaks start out small and grow gradually until there is significant water damage. However, leaks can be prevented with proper maintenance. Be sure that you have your plumbing checked every once in a while to ensure that you minimize the occurrence of any emergencies. Of course, that will involve hiring experts such as MBHS Plumbing.
  1. Malfunctioning water heater – a broken water heater is not anyone’s idea of fun on a cold winter’s day. Broken water heaters are common if the system is not properly maintained. There’s a checklist of things that need to be done to keep any water heater in good condition. Be sure to have everything checked out by a professional plumber to ensure that everything is working correctly. It’s best to have your plumbing checked out during the start of fall to make room for any repair long before winter hits.

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