Plumber Tips In Finding And Repairing Bathtub Leaks

plumberOne of the common plumbing problems that homeowners encounter is a bathtub leak. Fortunately, this can be easily fixed and repaired even without the help of a professional plumber if you know what you are looking for. Similar to other problems in the major systems of your house the key to successfully repairing a bathtub leak is effectively identifying the cause of the problem.

Generally, leaks in the bathtub can happen in two areas: the faucet and in the underlying pipes. It is important to specifically identify the nature of the leak to be able to effectively repair and resolve the problem. If you aren’t able to fix the problem on your own, hire a plumber for professional plumbing repair.

You will know that you have leak problems with your bathtub if you see puddles of water surrounding the bathtub every time you use it. Another sign that will tell you your bathtub has a leak is water stains on the ceiling directly below the bathtub.

You want to immediately repair the leak in your bathtub to prevent it from causing damage to your bathtub, to avoid wasting water, and to prevent the water stains from expanding and potentially causing further problems – such as mold and mildew development.

Leaks in the bathtub faucet

The faucets throughout your house are generally made up of a washer and seat assembly. You will know your bathtub faucet has leaks if you see water dripping from the faucet. If you find puddles of water have developed underneath the bathtub faucet, there might be a problem with either the faucet’s washer or seat assembly. They might be failing and, thus, needing a plumbing replacement.

  • To resolve this, you will need to switch off your main water and plumbing line. This will allow you to pull out the faucet without getting wet and creating a swimming pool inside your house. Once you have pulled out the faucet, look for the washer and replace it with a new one. Put the faucet back and switch the main water line. If you still notice water drips, the problem would be due to the seat assembly.
  • Turn off the main water switch and check on the seat assembly. If you have the right tools and parts needed to replace the seat assembly, this will be easy for you. Basically, you will need the proper seating wrench. If you do not have the necessary seating tools, you need to call in a professional. MBHS Plumbing will help you resolve your bathtub leaks quickly and efficiently.
  • When fixing a dripping bathtub faucet, always remember that the handle is not the problem and try to avoid forcing the handle shut. Do not attempt to close the handle more tightly if you know that you’ve reached the end of the valve. Otherwise, you risk breaking the faucet and causing an even bigger problem.

Resolving underlying plumbing problems

Other causes of leaks in your bathtub may be due to a damaged shower pan or damaged pipes. If you have confirmed that the leak is not coming from your bathtub faucet, you will have to call in your plumber as these types of leaks are best left to the professionals. They have the right tools and necessary skills and experience to efficiently identify the cause of the problem and resolve it. Be sure to immediately call in a Myrtle Beach plumber as soon as you notice leaks in your bathtub to prevent it from developing into bigger and more severe problems.

Call MBHS Plumbing now and have one of their experienced plumbers check on your bathtub and its underlying plumbing system. You may reach us at (843) 353-6283.

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