Five Indications That You Need A Bathroom Plumbing Upgrade

Drain Repair Myrtle BeachOver time, your bathroom will show signs of wear and tear. Your bathroom’s plumbing system will eventually require replacement. In some cases, an aesthetic restoration is all that is needed. In other instances, it would need extensive work and repair. Given that, here are five common signs you need to change your bathroom plumbing.

Signs You Need A Plumbing Upgrade

1) Old or Defective Hardware

When your shower head or sink hardware will not come clean of when rust and chips are beginning to show up, then there is a need for an upgrade. Keep in mind that old hardware will not only negatively affect the aesthetics of your bathroom but it will also pose a risk to your health especially if tiny pieces of chipped off metal flow down the drain and into the water system. Changing this kind of hardware is not difficult. You just have to make sure that you switch off the water supply before you remove any plumbing fixture. You can also call a Myrtle Beach plumber in case you don’t know what to do or if you come across some complicated issues.

2) Noticeable Water Problems

Defects or leaks on the water pipes also require an upgrade in your bathroom plumbing. Your hardware is incorrectly sealed if you notice water dribbling out around the fixture as you turn on the sink tap or if your tub creates a pool of water on your bathroom floor. Also, watch out for recurring drainage problems. The other issues that you also need to know are showers and tubs that drain slowly as well as standing water in the shower. These may indicate that your plumbing system is clogged, which you can deal with using commercial cleaners or a solution made out of baking soda and vinegar. If this does not work, then you might require a replacement drain hardware. You should also check for pooling of water outside the shower or tub after draining because this could mean that there is moisture on the floor. If you see these kinds of concerns, be sure to contact a professional plumber right away.

3) Poor Water Flow

In case the flow of water from the shower is very slow, it might be an indication that the pipes are corroding. With time, galvanized steel water lines begin to break down and the diameter will narrow, which leads to a decrease in water volume. This could affect tubs, sinks, as well as the toilet’s refill rate, however, you will find it usually in showers. A full pipe replacement could be the answer to this problem.

4) Problems With Water Quality

Water that smells like rust or if it has a pungent odor may indicate that you need to replace your bathroom plumbing – in this scenario, your water heater. A lot of these heaters have rods referred to as “sacrificial anodes.” These are steel cores coated with zinc, aluminum, or magnesium. Corrosive as well as bacterial components found in a hot water tank are drawn to the anodes and will not get into your pipes. However as time passes by, these rods deteriorate and, when they cease functioning, could lead to smelly and rust-colored water. This problem can be fixed by installing a new water heater.

5) Mold

If you notice mold inside your bathroom, it is a sure sign that you have to change your plumbing. Mold on the walls or ceiling signifies that water is running in the wrong and hidden places. The quicker you locate the origin of the water leak and fix it, the better. Apart from that, search for wet areas in the wall or ceiling in case you think there is a water problem. These problems could lead to mold, but might not be evident after taking a shower or bath. Wait a couple of hours and check out your bathroom once again. If you find wet spots on the ceiling or ceiling or perhaps there’s water on the floor, then you might have a leak problem, which requires a professional plumber.

Hardware and plumbing upgrades do not just enhance the appearance of your bathroom but also improve its longevity and safety. If you find the problem early enough, minor repairs may fix the issue, thus saving you a lot of time and money.

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