How To Keep Your Pipes From Freezing Over

plumberDuring winter, freezing pipes is one of the major problems in homes. When water freezes over, it expands and pushes against any container with great force. This expansion is the reason why water pipes burst. However, this dilemma can be avoided. You could contact your local plumber for assistance regarding the matter and have safety precautions set in place. Here are some tips on how to keep your pipes from bursting during the winter:

Call a residential plumber in case you’re experiencing problems with your plumbing

The very first thing that should be done is to make sure that not piping is exposed to subzero temperatures. There are ways on how to keep your pipes from bursting in the winter. One of those ways is to ensure that the pipes are routed through areas that cold temperatures cannot penetrate. This is essential as expanding ice could break even high-strength pipes. Any exposed pipes should be routed immediately to a safer spot. Contact your local plumber in Myrtle Beach to know more about this process and to have it resolved immediately.

Always keep cabinet doors open

The slightest change in temperature could be damaging to your pipes. The best thing and cost-free solution that you could do is to open your cabinet doors. Leaving your cabinet doors open will circulate warm air onto the pipes which will then increase the temperature of the pipes and effectively prevent them from freezing. It may be annoying to walk around the kitchen with all the cabinet doors open but with this simple measure, you could save hundreds of dollars in repairs if your pipes freeze.

Allow cold water to drip from your faucet

It may sound like a waste of water but letting the water drip would make a huge difference. Running water is less likely to freeze than stagnant water. This means slightly opening the tap and other faucets for that matter would reduce the chances of your pipes freezing. Since the cold water would simply run through the pipes, the likelihood of annoying busted pipes would be reduced.

Seal any cracks that could expose pipes

Regardless of what type of home you have, if there are cracks or holes that could expose the pipes, it would be the reason for concern. At first sight of cracks and holes, have them repaired immediately. Even small holes could pose a problem for your pipes. Do remember that temperatures could drop to below freezing during the winter. This means that even the smallest openings could let freezing temperatures in and burst your pipes. Have experts like MBHS Plumbing deal with these issues for fast results.

Make sure that your pipe is well-maintained

The last thing that you need to do is to keep your plumbing system maintained on a regular basis. Before winter comes, it would be great to have the plumbing system in your home inspected for potential problems and have plumbing repair if necessary. This will greatly reduce the risk of bursting pipes during the winter. This will also ensure that you have running water during the winter months.

Call MBHS Plumbing if you need professional help for your plumbing concerns whether it is about installation, repairs, or upgrades.

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