Is A Leaking Garbage Disposal a Plumbing Problem?

PlumbingThe garbage disposal unit is one of the most used appliances in the kitchen. We expect it to work every single time. With just a flick of a switch, all the food items are gone and are literally down the drain. However, garbage disposal units are somewhat a modern-day miracle for many homeowners, it doesn’t always stay in great shape. There are times when the disposal unit acts up and needs repair. The disposal unit is part of the plumbing. With that said, you can call a plumber to come and save the day. But of course, you can try to solve the problem on your own. However, proceed at your own risk.

How to fix a leaking garbage disposal unit

Find the source of the leak

If water is flooding underneath your sink regardless of whether the garbage disposal is on or not, you need to find out where the leak is coming from. The first thing you need to do is a drain test. Run the tap to see where the water is leaking from. Grab a flashlight and go under the sink. Inspect all the possible areas where water could get through. It should be quite easy to figure out which part of the Plumbing Myrtle Beach, SC is causing the leak. It is not necessarily your garbage disposal that is at fault. In some cases the plumbing attached to the disposal unit could have already been compromised.

Reseal the connections

If the leak is coming from the connection where the top of the disposal and the bottom of the sink meet, you might need to do some resealing. Remove any plumbers putty that have hardened or cracked afterward, add new putty and tighten the flange back in place. This should sold the problem. If you don’t know how to remove the old putty and add the new one, call your local plumber. It is best to ensure that all seals are tightly and securely set.

Tighten the drain hose

If water is leaking from the side of the garbage disposal unit, it’s going to be a quick and easy fix. In some instances, all that needs to be done is to tighten the drain hose. Simply tighten the clamp around the hose for a more snug fit. This will quickly resolve the leaking problem.

Replace the disposal unit

If the leaks haven’t been solved by the solutions given above, you might want to call MBHS Plumbing. In some cases, what you need is to replace your disposal unit. For any kind of plumbing repairs, you should first consider hiring a professional plumber. Don’t let the problems get any worse by doing your own repairs. While you may get lucky and fix the problem, there’s no assurance that the same problem will never come back.

If you need professional and reliable plumbing services, you can call on MBHS Plumbing. You may reach us at (843) 353-6283.

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