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Maintenance – The Key To Problem-Free Plumbing | Plumber Myrtle Beach | MBHS Plumbing | 843-353-6283
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Maintenance – The Key To Problem-Free Plumbing

December 06, 2019

Myrtle Beach plumberNobody wants to find their basement flooded every now and then or perhaps find leaks elsewhere. Plumbing problems can be a pain for homeowners. However, there are ways on how you could keep your plumbing in good condition at all times. Maintenance is key when it comes to problem-free plumbing. Whether you hire a Myrtle Beach plumber or do it on your own, regular maintenance will greatly reduce the occurrence of leaks or issues with your plumbing.

Plumbing tips from the pros

Here are some helpful maintenance tips that you should consider to help keep your plumbing system in tip-top shape and avoid costly and time-consuming repairs.

Conduct regular inspections – this is especially true in places where problems are most likely to arise such as your faucets, bathtubs and your toilet. Leaks are more commonly found in these areas so you might want to begin your inspection in these areas. Signs that you should look for include rocking toilets, damp cabinets and puddles of water underneath or near your bathtub, toilet and shower area.

Know where the shut-off valve is – this particularly helps should one of your plumbing lines leak or crack. You would want to shut off the main water source to prevent all that water from escaping the broken pipe and turning your bathroom or kitchen into a huge swimming pool. This will also help you to easily repair the problem and quickly clean up the mess. Or if you have called in an emergency plumber, shutting off the main water valve will prevent the loss of water while you wait for the plumber to arrive and fix the problem. In addition to knowing where the shut-off valve is, it also helps if you know where the valve key is located. Also, make sure there are flashlights nearby that you can easily and instantly reach if the valve is located in a hidden and dark area.

Invest in basic plumbing tools – it helps if you have your own plumbing tools under your belt to allow you to implement basic plumbing repairs. The primary tools you need for plumbing repair are the plunger, pipe wrench, and a sewer snake. Make sure you have an individual plunger that you can use for your kitchen sink, toilets, and bathroom drainage. Ensure these plungers are clearly labeled so that anyone in the family can grab the right plunger that you need.

These tools should help you resolve clogged drains, stuck valves, blocked toilets, and dripping faucets. Even if you do not have previous experiences doing such repairs, your plumber can provide you with professional assistance. This often happens when the plumber could not get to your house in time due to unforeseen circumstances. Having these tools on hand can help ensure the repairs are done on time. Also, when hiring a plumber, be sure to vet your sources. Only hire the likes of MBHS plumbing. They are reliable, skilled, and charge reasonable prices for their services.

Want to keep your plumbing system problem-free and up to date? Call MBHS Plumbing today!

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