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Are you concerned about your water and energy bills growing every month? Are you looking for better options that could cut down on water and energy costs? Luckily, there are newer options in the market that will help you save money on energy and water bills. There are plumbing fixtures that will help you save money by using less energy and water but with the same efficiency or even better. Here are some that you may want to look into:

Efficient plumbing saves you a lot of money on water and energy bills

Single-flush toilets – these types of toilets are also known as low-flow toilets. Instead of using up to 6 gallons of water per flush, these types of toilets only use 1.6 gallons. That’s a huge reduction especially when you take into account the number of times the toilet is being used per day. However, single-flush toilets greatly reduce the water consumption allowing the user to save as much water as possible per use. There are two types of single-flush toilets in the market. One design uses pressure to assist the flush which makes it more efficient than the traditional method. The other one is the gravity-assisted toilet which basically uses gravity to force the waste down the toilet with minimal water usage.

Dual-flush toilet – these type of toilets basically uses two flushing patterns. One flushing pattern uses less water and the other flushes with the regular amount of water that typical toilets use. The designs may vary depending on the manufacturer. However, the concept is still the same. A dual flush toilet could have two handles for flushing or two buttons that indicate where the light or regular flush is. In general, a dual flush toilet is quite useful. For instance, urinating on the toilet would require less water than defecating. That’s the reason why it is a lot better than the traditional toilet. On the other hand, when these types of a toilet break or encounter a problem, they are harder to fix. That’s why if they break, you should always hire a plumber in Myrtle Beach.

Toilets with WaterSense labels – toilets with the label is basically rated efficient and is primarily designed with water conservation in mind. WaterSense is a partnership program developed by the EPA to ensure that toilets are made efficient in terms of water usage.

When to make the upgrades

Basically, if you have older plumbing you should consider upgrading. There’s nothing really holding back the homeowner for upgrades but the cost. If you are considering an upgrade, you should hire a plumber to be on the safe side. Professional plumbers like MBHS Plumbing can let you in on the best types of plumbing in the market especially those that are rated as water-efficient. In case you plan on hiring a plumber to assist with the upgrades, choose the contractor that has a good reputation to ensure that everything is done perfectly.

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