Plumber Answers Water Heater FAQs

plumberMost homeowners only think about their water heater when there’s already a problem. Although designed to last a long time, water heaters need regular maintenance. You need a plumber to check your water heating system every now and then to make sure that it is working accordingly. It’s tough to have to deal with water heating issues, especially during the winter. Be sure that you have your water heating system maintained and understand the basics so you can quickly troubleshoot any minor issues.

Here are some FAQs regarding water heaters:

What’s the best temperature setting?

All hot water heaters that come from the manufacturer come with a temperature preset. Most of the time, water heaters come with a set temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Although, the actual value might be different from one make and model to another. Older water heaters might not have the option to set the temperature to a specific number. However, they will come with adjustment options suited for their design.

Why does hot water keep running out?

Have you ever experienced that your hot water runs out? If you have encountered this problem, you should have a plumber Myrtle Beach, SC take a look at your water heater. When your water heater runs out of hot water, it’s a sign that it is due for repairs. The actual cause of the problem will not be easily found out unless a professional plumber inspects the system for issues.

What should I do with the leaking?

Not all leaks are the same. However, all leaks are problematic. Regardless of the severity of the leak, they should be repaired immediately. Call your plumbing contractor to fix such issues.  Leaks could range from harmless to downright dangerous. This is why you should call an expert the moment you spot leaks coming from your water heater.

Why does my water heater take too long to heat up?

If you’ve ever encountered this problem, it has something to do with your home plumbing is setup. Although this is a rare occurrence, you should have your plumber take a look at what’s causing the issue. Most of the time, these signs are just the tip of the iceberg. The issue could be bigger than you expected. Only a professional plumber can tell you definitively what the problem is.

What’s the ideal water heater capacity?

It depends on the usage patterns of every household. How many are you in the family? How often do you use hot water in your home? Are you planning to move out in the next couple of years? These are just some of the questions that you need to answer to get an idea of the ideal water heater capacity for your home. Of course, you would need the opinion of an expert like MBHS Plumbing for more accuracy.

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