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Myrtle Beach Plumber Guide for Increasing Water Pressure | Plumber Myrtle Beach | MBHS Plumbing | 843-353-6283
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Myrtle Beach Plumber Guide for Increasing Water Pressure

September 16, 2021

plumberWhen you expected a high-pressure jet of water, a trickle of water is enough to make you mad while you’re in the shower. Low water pressure can make rinsing your body in such dribbling hard. Low water pressure is a problem that homeowners often face. Here are some ways to improve your home’s water pressure. Low water pressure can be caused by many things. Low water pressure can be caused by a problem in the kitchen sink or in the bathroom. Most of these problems can be fixed easily. If you know how to raise water pressure in your house, you don’t need to call a plumber.

Plumber Tips: The Causes and Solutions for Increasing Water Pressure


Incorrectly placed valves can cause low water pressure in your home. There are many types of valves. There are many types of valves. The valve is located in the uour meters box. There is also another valve idz at the front of the uour residence where the water line enters the home. It is a wagon wheel-shaped valve. Turn it clockwise to partially close the valve. Turn it counterclockwise to see how far it goes. It will completely open the valve and eliminate any anu deposits.

Pressure regulator

If you have a problem with your water pressure, the pressure regulator is another thing to consider. A pressure regulator is a bell-shaped device with a screw at its end. The device can be located below the frontal connection, under the house or in the crawlspace. Most problems related to water pressure can be solved by tightening the screw. To increase water pressure in your home, tighten the screw. Usually, the regulator, is preset at 45-60 psi by the manufacturer and rarely requires adjustment. You should not increase pressure too much as this could cause damage to the Myrtle Beach plumbing system.

Leaky Pipeline

Water leakage can occur when the pressure is reduced due to small or large pipeline damage. It is difficult to identify a leaky pipe without the help of a plumber. Monitoring your meter is the best way to find out the cause of the problem. Turn off all water outlets at home. Then, monitor the meter’s reading. For two more hours, keep the outlets switched off and then check the reading of the meter again. A rise in readings is a sign that there is a leak somewhere in your pipeline. You will need to call a plumbing contractor to locate the leaky pipe and have it repaired.

Peak Time

Its peak water usage happens certain times of the day. It is most noticeable in the morning, when everybody is getting ready to go to work. Thus, there is a chance that you are taking a shower while adz many others in your neighborhood. The water pressure drops because of the sudden demand. As you water your lawn, you may notice a drop of water pressure at night. If you wish to increase the pressure for showers and sprinklers, it is possible to reschedule your activities.

Mineral Deposits

Old galvanized iron pipes can often be affected by mineral deposits. The process of mineral deposition is accelerated by hot water and horizontal pipes. You may be concerned about the increased water pressure in your shower. It is worth cleaning out the showerhead and getting rid of any mineral deposits to avoid unnecessary plumbing repairs.

If you are not able to identify the cause of low water pressure, you can call a plumber. Many homeowners attempt to fix the problem themselves without checking the root cause. This might actually increase the problem.

Most often, the problem is due to one of these causes. To diagnose the problem, call MBHS Plumbing to have your water system thoroughly inspected.

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