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Are You Ready To Call Your Plumber Myrtle Beach If There Is Storm Damage To Your Plumbing? | Plumber Myrtle Beach | MBHS Plumbing | 843-353-6283
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Are You Ready To Call Your Plumber Myrtle Beach If There Is Storm Damage To Your Plumbing?

August 17, 2021

Plumber Myrtle BeachHurricanes can bring about strong winds and flooding. With that said, your plumbing could possibly sustain damage during a hurricane. However, there are ways on how to make sure that your plumbing has the least chance of getting damaged during a storm. There are certain precautions that homeowners can take before hurricane seasons goes full swing. After a major hurricane, it is best to call a plumber Myrtle Beach to check for any damage and provide repairs if needed.

Here are some tips from your local plumber Myrtle Beach:

Check your drains for blockage

When preparing for a big storm, it will help to check your drains for any blockage. If there’s any gunk in the drains, you should clear it out. One of the main causes of flooding is a blocked drainage system. To make sure that your drain can handle the influx of water, clean it before a big storm. This should help keep floodwater outside and not in your home.

Check your water heater

Leaving your water heater on in the midst of a hurricane is not a good idea. You will never know when the worst could come. It is best to turn off the water heater prior to the storm. This will relieve your plumbing system of any pressure. Your local plumber Myrtle Beach Myrtle Beach, SC also recommends filling your bathtub with water so you’d have some handy when flushing the toilet manually.

Turn off your main shutoff valve before a hurricane

The shutoff valve should be turned off before a hurricane. This is to make sure that the water leading to your home is not contaminated. In case the main supply gets contaminated, you won’t have any in your system. This way, you won’t have to deal with the dirt trapped inside your plumbing after the storm is over.

When it comes to hurricane preparedness, you can never be too careful. As for your plumbing, be sure that you keep it in top shape before the big storm. If you need plumbing repair, it is best to have it done before the storm.

Contact MBHS Plumbing for more information about how to keep your plumbing system in top shape and ready for hurricane season. There will be certain precautions that you need to take to ensure that your home is in good shape throughout the season. This includes having your plumbing checked, keeping it in top shape, and resolving any plumbing issues that were previously overlooked.

Hire a reliable plumbing contractor to inspect, repair, or upgrade your plumbing in preparation for hurricane season. The best way you can survive the season with the least possible damage to your home is through adequate preparation. If your plumbing isn’t ready just yet, there’s still time to call a plumber and get things done.

For more information about plumbing preparedness for hurricane season, call MBHS Plumbing. You may reach us at (843) 353-6283.

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