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Myrtle Beach plumberIn most homes nowadays, the plumbing is located in areas that are easily accessible. It’s not quite often that contractors choose to lay out the plumbing under the concrete floors. However, underfloor plumbing is still viable in certain areas and applications. However, fixing plumbing issues would require a top-notch Myrtle Beach plumber. Here are some facts about underfloor plumbing that you should know.

Underfloor plumbing requires proper planning

So what is underfloor plumbing and why is it stilled used today? Basically, underfloor plumbing is a method of laying out the plumbing in your home under the floors as the name suggests. One method is to run all the pipes under the floor. This is normally done with concrete floors. To save up on space, the plumbing is carefully laid out on the ground before the floor could be installed. Installing the plumbing under the concrete floor is a bit risky in case there is a problem.

Plumbing issues under the floor could be a nightmare to repair. Just think about the plumbing having leaks and there’s no way for you to inspect the leaks unless the concrete floor is taken out. It’s a bit of a gamble but with proper planning, it could be pulled off. One of the reasons why this method is still used to this date is the fact that it saves on space. Instead of routing the pipes elsewhere, it could be routed under the concrete floor. This then saves on space which could have been taken up by the pipes, drains, and sewage pipes.

Another common use of underfloor plumbing is heating. Underfloor heating is a common practice in the United States. The reason for this is because of the efficiency that underfloor heating provides. Unlike radiators, underfloor heating provides heating from the ground up. In general, underfloor heating takes up less energy since the floors will retain most of the heat for longer. This then makes it more efficient. Also, the heat travels from the floor up to the ceiling. This creates more uniform heating that translates to better comfort for the people living inside the house.

Hiring a professional plumber

Underfloor plumbing is not one of those things that you can do away without the help of a professional. Underfloor heating, for instance, requires skill and knowledge on heating and laying it under the concrete floor. Basically, this method is a special case since the plumbing requires a lot of planning. Once any mistakes are made and the concrete floor has already set, repairs could be costly. However, hiring a professional plumber is a lot better. Professionals like MBHS Plumbing have the skills, equipment, and training to pull off these kinds of jobs. To put it into perspective, underfloor plumbing is like wiring your whole house. It’s not as simple as adding a new light bulb. The same for underfloor plumbing. It requires professional attention if you want it to get done right.

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