Plumbing Maintenance Tips For Winter

plumberThe issues homeowners encounter with their plumbing system vary depending on the season. This is why you should hire a plumber before even winter comes. During winter, water and cold temperatures come together. Given that, your pipes and other systems in your home that use water are at an increased risk of encountering problems. Additionally, the water consumption in household increases too, which means pipes, drains, and water heaters work harder during this season. Provided below are some winter maintenance tips to make sure that your property is protected and your family’s comfort is maintained.

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Frozen pipes is among the most common plumbing problems during this time of the year. There are two measures that can assist you in staving off freezing pipes and pipe ruptures. First you should stop heat loss from the water inside the pipes. Second, expansion inside the pipe should be allowed in case ice crystals do form. Prevent your pipes from losing more heat by keeping them insulated. You can cover exposed pipes in hidden areas like the attic or basement with foam pipe insulation sleeves. You can also wrap them up with insulation tape. Shorter spans of pipes in locations that are at risk of freezing could also be covered with electrical heat tape. As part of a thorough plumbing maintenance, pipes must be prepared to avoid freezing over during winter.

It is also recommended to keep warm air circulating throughout your house especially during winter because it can help keep your plumbing system warm. Keep the temperature inside your home at least 55 degrees. Don’t forget to open the cabinets underneath your sinks and those that are near the exterior walls so that warm household heat will be transmitted to the pipes. It is also a good idea to keep faucets open enough to allow a drop of water especially when temperatures fall below the pipe freezing threshold. Doing this can help prevent your pipes from getting damaged. Also, it would be best if a professional such as MBHS Plumbing could look at your plumbing for a detailed inspection.

The pipes located outside the house are obviously more vulnerable to freezing. There are instances when a frozen exterior pipe can have a negative effect on plumbing pipes indoors. Garden hoses left outside the house and still connected to open faucets at one end can put your plumbing system at risk. The water pressure produced by ice formation inside the house could back into the household water supply and result to damaged pipes. Be sure to disconnect and drain the garden hose especially during winter.

A professional Myrtle Beach plumber also recommend that you turn off the water to your outdoor faucets, specifically those with indoor shut off valves in the basement or other locations. Once done, don’t forget to drain the residual water. This should be done during freezing weather. If you have a sprinkler system, don’t forget to check the manual and follow the instructions for winterproofing your sprinkler pipes. The other outdoor plumbing lines that may freeze are those that lead to the outdoor water features like swimming pool, garden pond, or fountain. The general rule of thumb is to shut off the water and remember to drain the lines.

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