Plumbing Tips – Repairing Your Garbage Disposal

plumbing repairOne of the worst things that could happen in your kitchen is when your garbage disposal acts up. However, there’s no need to worry. Fixing a clogged or no-power garbage disposal unit isn’t that hard to do. Modern garbage disposals are often modular and you can take them apart with ease. You could have your plumber do all the dirty work or DIY your way through the plumbing repair process. If you want to try your luck and save some cash, this article is for you. However, there’s no guarantee that results will be great all the time. Here’s what you can do:

Troubleshooting the garbage disposal

Let’s say your garbage disposal is clogged or it simply won’t turn on, you can try the following steps:

  • Push the reset button – go underneath your sink and locate the disposal unit. Most of the time, disposal units have a reset switch. Simply press the reset switch and try to turn on the system. In most cases, a reset is what it takes to fix the problem. If not, you should check out step 2.
  • Check the breaker box – if resetting the unit won’t do the trick, try checking the circuit breaker. Reset the circuit breaker and see if the unit turns on. If not, proceed to step 3.
  • Knock the clog loose – the next thing you could do is to dislodge whatever is clogging the unit. Insert an Allen wrench into the bottom center portion of the unit and twist it a few times until you feel that it is no longer clogged. Turn on the unit and see if it works. If it still won’t budge, try step 4.
  • Use some tongs for extraction – your disposal unit could be clogged by a number of things. You can reach into the unit using some tongs and gently extract whatever is causing the blockage. Bear in mind that you should disconnect the disposal from the power socket beforehand to avoid accidents. If all else fails, call your local plumber.

Some dos and don’ts

What you should do:

  • Run cold water until the garbage disposal is empty. Water aids in expelling dirt.
  • Insert lemon grounds into the drain to remove nasty odors.
  • Avoid chucking vegetable peels and rinds down your disposal.

What you shouldn’t do:

  • Never overload the disposal.
  • Don’t pour grease down the drain.
  • Don’t reach down into your disposal while it is still plugged in.

When to hire a plumber for professional repairs

It is advised to call a Myrtle Beach plumber for any plumbing concerns. An expert like MBHS Plumbing can easily make quick work of any plumbing concern you might have. Other than that, a professional plumber can also detect any potential issues and fix them before they could become major problems.

Are you in need of professional plumbing services in Myrtle Beach? MBHS Plumbing has you covered! You may reach us at (843) 353-6283.

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