Tips To Help You Prevent A Plumbing Disaster

plumber Myrtle BeachMost homeowners rarely put any thought into their plumbing until they run into some issues. Although plumbing, like any other aspect of your home, breaks down eventually. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. You could prevent plumbing issues and spare yourself the trouble of waking up at night only to find a huge plumbing mess. In the event of a major plumbing problem, call your local plumber Myrtle Beach immediately. To keep yourself away from plumbing issues, here are some tips you could follow:

Avoid the use of galvanized steel with copper

If you could avoid using both in your piping system, then don’t. Galvanized steel and copper don’t mix too well. However, in most cases, they are commonly found in homes with nothing but Teflon plumbing tape in between them. When the connection is tight and both materials touch each other, the steel end could corrode and you could tell what would be next. If you want to go the less expensive route, use a dielectric union. This is a type of plumbing fixture that’s design for use with copper and galvanized steel connections.

Use the correct connector

You might think that gas lines only carry gas so they aren’t plumbing, right? – Wrong. Gas pipes are also considered plumbing. For instance, if you hook up a new gas range, it would seem pretty simple. However, there is a common problem with most installations that use flexible gas connector – they usually don’t fit. Regardless of how tight it would be, it won’t be enough to keep the gas in the pipes and not out. To resolve this issue, it’s advised to use a universal connection kit to get a properly sealed connection.

Find out where your pipes are

It’s good to know where your pipes are located. In case you want to hang up a painting and need to pound a nail in the wall, it would be good to know you’re not hitting anything behind the wall. Invest in a handy stud sensor to detect any pipes or wired behind your wall. You could also cut a test hatch to check if there are any pipes that run through the wall. A visual inspection always goes a long way. Call your plumber immediately in case you hit or puncture any pipes that you’re not supposed to.

Always apply enough sealant on joints

Aside from soldered and glued joints, others require sealants to create a sealed fit. Sealant tapes normally come in two forms, one for gas and one for water. The tapes in blue spools are normally for water while those in yellow are for gas. Using either both is a quick way to do plumbing repair. However, you may need professional help for major issues.

Avoid over tightening

There’s a thin line between tight and too tight. Over tightening is one of the reasons why pipes with threads break down quite easily. Steel pipes could be more forgiving and may not break easily. However, copper pipes can be damaged quite easily by that last additional turn of the wrench.

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