Understanding The Basics Of Home Plumbing Systems

plumbingThe plumbing system of a home is designed to handle the distribution and removal of water. The plumbing system starts by providing potable water from a water service line or well, and ends in the sewer system or septic tank of a house. A plumbing system likewise includes the radiators and furnace in houses that have a boiler heater.

Plumbing System Overview

The parts of a plumbing system include all fixtures like showers, bathtubs, toilets, sinks), water pipes, and appliances that channel the water from the supply to the disposal. Generally, the plumbing would include different valves and pipes, solar, gas, as well as electric heaters, softeners, filters, iron removers, faucets and pumps. The complexity of a regular home plumbing Myrtle Beach system may all seem too much at first, but the truth is that, a plumbing system is among the fundamental systems that are found in a house.

The many different components that comprise the plumbing system are all designed to heat water, treat water chemically, transform it using acid and detergents, and pollute it with different types of organic wastes. Due to daily use, the system’s components would break and sometimes need certain fixes. Plumbing repairs are needed only if an appliance or a component failed to work as required, or a change to the design of the home is required. Genera repairs include unclogging a toilet or drain, dripping faucet, burst or frozen pipe. Alterations to the plumbing system of a home are needed when remodeling a kitchen or bathroom or making different kinds of home improvements.

You don’t need to understand everything about the plumbing system of your home, what equipment or tools are needed, safety measures that need to be in place, and how you can avoid the worst nightmare of a plumber like uncontrolled surge of water. However, there are a few important points that you have to know.

  1. You need to know where and how to disconnect the main water supply.
  2. You have to know where you switch off the water to the sink, toilet, tub, shower, water heater, or appliance that requires fixing.
  3. You also have to know where you can find the power panel that will be used to turn off the electricity to a device like pump or water heater that is electrically operated. You also need to know where to find the appropriate circuit breaker and switch off the power before starting any plumbing work to any appliance like an electric water heater.
  4. How and where to switch off the gas supply for a water heater that’s gas operated is another thing that you have to know. You should also have an idea how to relight the water heater once all the plumbing fixes have been made.
  5. In case you are performing any plumbing work that involves using an open flame, you should take the right fire prevention measures and have a fire extinguishing equipment on hand.

You will find a lot of resources online on how to handle basic water pipes, how to use Teflon tape, replacing faucets, and how to unclog drains. All you need is the right information as well as practice and you will be on your way to making basic plumbing repairs that is fun and easy.

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