Useful Checklist For Hiring A Plumber

plumberYou should never ignore any kind of plumbing issue at home. If you can’t seem to repair the issue at hand on your own, hire a plumber immediately. Failure to take the right action for such issues will lead to even more problems in the long run. As for plumbing issues, even the smallest leaks can quickly escalate into a plumbing disaster real fast. If you are having problems finding a reliable plumber, here’s what you should do:

Ways you can find a plumber in your area

  1. Ask friends and family for referrals.
  2. Ask any recently hired contractor for some referrals.
  3. Check your neighborhood and see the closest plumbing companies.
  4. Go online and check reviews for particular plumbing companies you have in mind.

When you have a shortlist of a plumber, it’s time to ask some questions. The right questions will narrow down your list even further. This will allow you to find the most ideal plumber. Here are the questions that you should ask:

Do you have a license to operate?

It’s only natural for a Myrtle Beach plumber to have a working license. However, to avoid any shady transactions with unreliable and unlicensed contractors, check whether they have a license or not. A legitimate plumber would be happy to oblige your request. A shady contractor would do otherwise.

How long have you been in business?

It’s common knowledge that a company in business for the last decade will have more experience in the trade. This does not discount the capacity of newer companies to deliver good results, though. However, a tenured company will have an edge in terms of experience, equipment, and knowledge of issues ranging from minor to major plumbing repair.

Have all the plumber in your company passed a background check?

It’s important to know that a plumbing company takes the utmost care of its image by doing background checks on all its employees. Doing so will avoid any issues later on. Of course, the plumbers will be working inside your home. It will be more comforting to know that the people you let in your house can be relied upon.

Does your company have insurance?

Another thing that you should be looking for in a plumbing contractor is an active insurance policy. In case accidents happen, you can be sure that you are not obligated to provide financial aid. Companies like MBHS Plumbing normally have insurance in place that makes it easier to cover the costs in case anything goes wrong while working on a project.

Does your company provide emergency plumbing services?

It is important to know what type of services are being offered by a plumbing company. Aside from their regular services, choose a company that can provide emergency services. In emergencies such as a burst pipe in the middle of the night, a plumber that offers after-hours services can be very helpful.

Do you provide guarantees for your work?

A work guarantee is especially useful in case a problem occurs a few weeks or months after the project has been completed. Sometimes, companies provide a verbal confirmation on the guarantees they offer. However, it will be best if you have the guarantee in writing to ensure that any work that needs to be done will be delivered.

What about your rates?

Companies sometimes have different methods of pricing their services. Be sure that you talk to a representative in their office. Calling over the phone may help but won’t provide you with a concrete value of just how much it would cost for repairs to be done.

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