Knowing What Your Plumbing Is Made Of

Myrtle Beach plumberOver the years there have been significant improvements in plumbing technology. Along with the enhancement in the materials being used in such systems. Nowadays, plumbing materials vary from different metals and plastics. This also makes the jobs of your local Myrtle Beach plumber a lot easier in terms of doing repairs. This gives a lot of flexibility and increased durability. Let’s take a look at the kinds of materials that are being used on today’s plumbing.

In case of plumbing emergencies, call your local plumber immediately

Copper – one of the mainly used metals in plumbing is copper. It’s a malleable metal that has antibacterial properties that make it quite suitable for applications that involve food, water, and other consumable items. Before copper became a mainstream metal used for plumbing, repairs were hard. Aside from that, older water pipes used led which was a very toxic metal. Nowadays, on the other hand, plumbing repair is made easier since copper can be easily cut and welded.

Brass – another common metal that is used in plumbing is brass. This metal is basically an alloy of copper and zinc. It’s normally used in valves, pipe fittings, joints, and commonly used together with copper pipes.

PEX – with innovations in manufacturing, PEX or polyethylene pipes have become mainstream in these days. Not only are they safe to use for water, but they are also highly resistant against corrosion and does not easily degrade. This makes this material rather useful. However, it is limited to non-heated applications. PEX pipes are mainly used for routing normal water within the house. Heated water is usually routed through the house via copper pipes.

PVC pipes – these pipes are often used for waste lines. It’s also quite durable just like polyethylene. They are heat resistant and can be joined together with pressure fittings or a specialized glue that only works on PVC.

When to hire a plumber

It’s obvious that you would need to hire a plumber at some point. There are a number of reasons why you should hire a professional. One of the reasons is convenience. Resolving plumbing issues might not be as straightforward as you might have thought. Sometimes, simple leaks may have been just the tip of the iceberg. There are instances where one problem hints at another bigger issue just waiting to blow up. It is rather convenient to have a plumber over, have the problem looked at, have it repaired, and have everything inspected and made sure that nothing will be broken again or at least not anytime soon.

Aside from that, hiring a professional plumber such as MBHS Plumbing is the more economical option. When you think of it this way, having plumbing done by a professional will only incur expenses once. On the other hand, when you attempt to do your own repairs, there’s no assurance that the problem will no longer return. In simple terms, hiring a professional would most likely be cheaper than it is to do your own repairs.

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