When Do You Need To Call A Professional Plumber

plumberAll homeowners will face plumbing issues from time to time. But mostly, it happens without warning and can seriously disrupt your life! It is often necessary to contact a plumbing professional to deal with the problem, but that can be a daunting task, especially if you’ve had a previous bad experience with plumbers. By using word of mouth and/or internet reviews for a company, you can easily find a reliable plumber. Below are several common problems and when you should hire a plumber.

Some of the Most Common Plumbing Problems

Replacing Faucets

A dripping faucet has got to be the most common plumbing problem of all. You may have a few types of faucets in your house. If it’s a compression style of faucet, its washers will deteriorate with time and will need to be replaced. If the threads wear down, leaking will occur and this repair should be done by a Myrtle Beach plumber. If it’s not addressed in a timely manner, you will have problems that are more expensive to fix. If it’s really bad, you may need to just have the whole faucet replaced.

Slowly Draining Sink

Sinks that drain slowly are a very common issue to have. Many times a residential plumber just needs to come in and take the pop-up stopper off and proceed to clean out debris or corrosion that builds up. They may also use a special snaking tool to clean out the pipe below. This almost always fixes the problem.

Replacing Shower Head

If your shower head constantly drips, it will cost you money by making your water bill go up, not to mention all the wasted water. Often, a plumber may just need to replace the washer at the base of the showerhead in order to stop the drip. If the water pressure is too low, it may be something as simple as unclogging mineral or hard water build-up to allow the water to flow freely again.

Replacing the Toilet

This is something that only a trained plumbing professional should do. They will have the special tools required. If the toilet is leaking water, the flush or fill valve may not be working properly and should be replaced or repaired. Since most of us would like our bathrooms to remain dry, this is a job you should leave to the pros.

Qualified plumbers are perhaps one of the most important service professionals that you will encounter as a homeowner, so it pays to educate yourself and knows when to call a plumber. You should know ahead of time who to call in case of a plumbing emergency. Remember that your plumbing professional will also be able to fix problems such as water heaters, replacing copper piping, water filters, and of course, anything to do with the water system in your home. Oftentimes, there is a shortage of good plumbers, so take the time to find a good one and build a lasting relationship with them! If you need any kind of plumbing service, you can reach out to MBHS Plumbing.

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